by Trials of Early Man

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This is the first album from Trials of Early Man, a follow-up to the 3-track EP, 'Life Goals'.

It was recorded at Bear Bites Horse studios, London, by Wayne Adams (Death Pedals, Shitwife) in August and September 2015.


released January 25, 2016

Recording / Production - Wayne Adams (
Artwork - Theo Peters (
Photography - Julie Kane (



all rights reserved


Trials of Early Man London, UK

Trials of Early Man is a punk band from various parts of Hampshire and London.

Featuring members of Caretaker, Action & Action, Circusact, The Correct Arc, The Good Wife.

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Track Name: Cordite
Belligerent, or warlike
Working my way through pirate software dating back two decades
You're looking good with the sanguine story
The ungodly outcome, it's no laughing matter
Gerschwin would've been proud

Crusading, a sense of slow motion
All in the name of research
You only have to listen once, I repeat

He didn't play by the rules
Blew his hand off
Some candidate
Now he's got his cordite
Track Name: Salvage
Cut back my nails until there's nowhere left to go
I strip it down, to salvage this old engine now
While we debate the value of the old and new
Cut back my nails down till there's nowhere left to go

In place, in place, I want to start again
You would iterate, you'd only iterate
I break my back just to make this work
Feels like I'm just raking gravel
Barely tending to the asset

Such violence in our interactions
Playing up to audience here
Futile, for no reason
Put this down to experience
Track Name: Ternary Means ABA
Part of the same plot, where is your charm and wit now?
Charisma for the hangman, and a list of side effects
Such a list we have never seen

So we gamble with lies
Head held aloft for the cameras
Success in the shadows
We will never ride horses in France

Your finger roared, ferocious
The sound was only in my ears
The yelp and the dream of death

We were happiest before I tried to have you shot
And then you turned your back, much to my embarrassment

To seize the sceptre and the path
A car is on fire, blocking the tunnel
In the city by the sea

Such a list we have never seen
A failure of diplomacy, a failure of tact

Oh how we were all so surprised that the future was less personable
The young people seemed so knowing
I promised to make amends for all the tasks I'd never done

Your finger roared ferocious
We will never ride horses in France
You did nothing to insulate me
We will never ride horses in France
Track Name: Even Other Jazzers
Illusive trust, our fear of the sea goes back a long way
Cut grass, black flies, a long way from our ears
You learn quickly

Our fear of the sea is sometimes all that underpins us

An expanse, churning over dread news without comparison
Our loss remembered for generations
More than a lifetime later we can still feel it

While you were turning the wood
Enough of the wheel, enough of the breaking
We hide our faces from the bright light with such force

And can it edify? Not much
Our fear of the sea goes back a long way
So it now underpins us
You learn quickly the fear of the sea is sometimes all that underpins us
Track Name: Nil Nil
Marked out, cut it out, the horror is presented in colour
Your majesty. Your broken wing felled right before our eyes
For ages we present the result

Again I am lacking in words
I search for the correct response
Wanting and full of remorse
Who knows where I draw the line?

And history repeats, we laugh at the situation
Your quirks of speech, your funny ways
And insistence on wearing clothes backwards

Reverting to type, despising of weakness
It's only a sign of human frailty
She bites her lip, and I'm supposed to interpret it
Track Name: Of Youth
Shards of light, a kind of reflex
We talk a lot about the pathology of the city
To have a life of one's own, measured in self-determination and adhesive values
But oh, to be coherent, when I can't even fix my street

I shouldn't have to demonstrate, I shouldn't have to remonstrate with you
There's more to life than being first in the queue

Your face in repose is the most astounding thing these eyes have seen
Blinded, and frail, and so full of love
I am not afraid

I can still smell your hair now, years later
I can still provoke your ghost
Track Name: Pierced With Arrows
Straight out of the foundry, we lashed our wrists together
Exiled, so we prayed hard, a new saint pierced with arrows

And we all live the same existence
We don't have room for variation
For nonconformist living

There's too much sadness and too few possibilities
Now I'm surrounded by moths and bees
But I can make my own decisions
Now I'm surrounded by moths and bees

We held you up so high
We couldn't make good on the promises
Our lives rolled on distorted
We held you up so high

Well I can't always be what I said I'd be
Track Name: That Ship Has Sailed, Old Friend
When that jaw snapped shut my hand retracted and I stood back
The heavy mixture of ambition and the art of the possible
Because we're all still counting our lucky stars
Dizzy, managing our own affairs
And while I might expect to feel wretched, somehow I'm still emerging unscathed

I'll be lense, medieval mirror's mirror
I'll be the vector, hanging around
Go back to the blueprint
The liberal education didn't quite work out as planned
Fall down insipid, with a limited grasp of what's good for you

Growing terror, the suspicion everybody has about everybody else
And always symptomless
That wild horse has bolted, that ship has sailed old friend
Because we're all still counting our lucky stars
Dizzy, managing our own affairs
And while I might expect to feel wretched, somehow I'm still emerging unscathed
Track Name: Lynd Ward
After he survives the storm, an appetite
How to resolve it?
Give me that painting, let me see it
The patron gestures, "sign here"
He does not question the patronage

Vaulting toward the sun
A gift, a gift to end all gifts
Yearning for greatness
His fortune celebrated

The toasts turn to dust

Turning over "she isn't mine after all"
"no muse to me after all"
Betrayal stings his mouth

Running with the moon
A gift, a gift to end all gifts
Escape from the city
The captive makes good his flight

Fleet of foot, desperate, and in pursuit

A woman who sees him for who he really is, without reservation
The wilderness is theirs
If only

A child is born, some sense of redemption
But it could never be that simple